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What is "Simple Accessibility"?

There are thousands of common, inexpensive products which, when adapted conscientiously, will contribute to a more user-friendly built environment.​

STRIDE 's objective is to introduce these simple, universally designed products, services, and concepts to our clients so that they can improve and simplify the lives of people for whom they care the most (usually without being obvious).

STRIDE is proactive because we give our clients the tools to confidently to make specific choices when planning design changes in any built environment of their homes or businesses. 

A built environment that is equally accessible to everyone is sound business practice and good human relations.
STRIDE makes it easy and affordable..

STRIDE solutions begin with an accessibility audit that is specific to each type of client. We identify, research, and propose simple, practical, and sometimes free solutions that can be adapted into their immediate design plans, over a period of time, or into future changes.


The STRIDE audit is not based on any one person’s disability, nor is it restricted by a timeline. It is an adaptable plan of action that is based on current lifestyle needs, health considerations, and financial circumstances, among others.



Of course, STRIDE ACCESSIBILITY SOLUTIONS considers design aesthetics and its priority and importance to each client.

Our customers have included major hotel chains, national construction firms, grocery chains and department stores as well as individuals who are concerned with the well-being of their loved ones.

A full accessibility audit can cost as little as $150 and includes a written document that anyone can follow as needed.

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FINAL Stride Logo_edited.png

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