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  • Begin your exciting, new project with the confidence of knowing the best way to proceed; to know how difficult or easy certain aspects of your design will be;

  • Get a valuable, professional opinion about the things you are leaning towards and; to get direction on timing and costs.


NOTE: All pricing for consultations are for anyone living in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. Outside those boundaries, a travel fee of .60/km will be applied.

basic consultation


With a basic consultation, you set the agenda. I will be there to help you advance that agenda and get the finished product you want.

During a consultation, we will meet for a two-hour period where everything about your project will be discussed, from concept to finished product.

If you have already begun the process, it will be important to discuss the problems that have been overcome so far.

The cost for a basic consultation is $180.

consultation plus

My goals are:

  • to help you succeed in you goals and;

  • to help you remain focused on your goals.

With Consultation Plus, you can expect everything that is offered with a basic consultation.

In addition, I will:

  • produce a written document recapping the two-hour consultation;

  • offer additional feedback, including but not limited to, places to buy or sell;

  • offer suggestions and/or recommendations I might have to make your plans more cost-effective, more expedient or more in line with your stated goals.

  • include an additional one-hour consultation, within two weeks, to discuss the written document and recommendations, and discuss anything that has arisen since the previous meeting.


Including everything listed above and more, the cost for a Consultation plus         meeting is $255.

virtual consultation

If there was one thing that the year 2020 taught us it’s that anything can be done virtually.

Using Zoom for “face-to-face” meetings, email and photo-messaging, any service offered in the previous two categories can be done just as effectively over the internet.

For anyone living outside the Ottawa-Gatineau area, a virtual consultation may be the way to go.

Online Workshop

The cost for a Virtual Basic Consultation is $120, pre-paid.

The cost for a Virtual Consultation plus is $210, payable with $150. pre-paid, and the balance payable upon completion.

Hourly rate

Store interiors

Some people may prefer to be charged an hourly rate because they can control the amount they spend on design fees.


Let's discuss the payment option with which you are most comfortable.

Once we have determined that first step, together we can decide how much or how little you want me involved in your project.

We can set a budget amount for my work in the project. The cost for my services will depend on whether I am just helping you choose materials, just drawing proposed plans for the design, helping to choose colours for your project, or helping you with everything.

My fee per hour is $95, with a minimum of two hours. An hourly rate can be applied to almost any type of service that may include:

  • creating design drawings and illustrations;

  • producing construction drawings;

  • scheduled project supervision;

  • post-project consultation;

  • single subject consultation. For example, only kitchen planning or only colour consultation

on a fixed income?

I am pleased to be able to offer a special fee based on your income. Please get in touch and let's talk about your needs and how I can help.

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