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"Why Is Accessible Design Good for Everyone?", a video presentation by Betty Chen.

While researching earlier this week, I came across this excellent YouTube video entitled: "Why Is Accessible Design Good for Everyone?" presented by Betty Chen of ARTiculations who makes videos about art, architecture and design.

Although, like most people, she falls into the common trap of using the terms "Accessible", "Inclusive" and "Universal" design interchangeably (they are similar philosophies, but not the same), her video is nevertheless both highly informative and entertaining, and Ms. Chen's presentation is clear and spoken at a pace that can be easily understood.

Please check it out and while you are doing that, give the video a "thumbs-up".

I have written a blogpost that I hope to upload before the weekend. Co-incidentally, my article discusses the differences and similarities between the three design philosophies, and why I believe that the principles of Universal design, a melding of the three, is best.

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